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Saturday, March 25, 2017

On the Slopes and Winter Recap

It was a pretty mild winter. I think we got a measly dusting of snow one time, which the kids did get a snow day for, but really no snow to play in. So it was probably the worst winter to take up a snow sport, but that's just what Evan and I did! His school has a Ski Club that offers memberships to a nearby ski lodge. I talked Dan into signing up for it with Evan as a bonding thing they could do together. Then Dan hurt his back and I had to step in. I have never skied in my life, but you do what you have to do for your kids, right? Thankfully the lodge offers free lessons with membership and we both took advantage of it. Evan took to the slopes much faster than me - no surprise there - but by the third trip I was feeling much more confident and holding my own. Unfortunately that was our last trip because of the unusually warm winter we had and the lodge had to close earlier than anticipated. But I feel certain it's something we'll sign up to do again next year!

Now I just need to work on my selfie game.

In big news for the little dude, Connor transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed. We put it off a little longer than norm because he wasn't a climber. I write "was" because he's certainly making up for that now.

Only pretending to sleep...

Evan submitted his first Science Fair project. He is fascinated with weather, so he studied forecasting and analyzed which service did a better job at predicting the weather. He got second place in his class!

For Spirit week at school, these two did their part to participate in crazy sock day. Dan was asked several times if he was a leprechaun.

I didn't get the traditional St. Patrick's Day photo this year because it fell on piano lesson day, but I did snap one of this little guy at the start of the day.

Now that Spring has finally arrived along with warmer weather, I'm hoping to pick up my camera more.

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