Wednesday, June 29, 2016

D-A-D Photos 2016

It's become somewhat of a tradition to take some photos of the kids for Father's Day as a gift to Dan. I first started doing this in 2012 after seeing the idea on some photography blogs. I skipped it the year I was pregnant with Connor, but picked it back up after he was born. So here's this year's version, as well as a recap of year's past.




Monday, June 27, 2016

Birthday Party Nerf-Style

Evan's Martial Arts school offers birthday party packages, including a Nerf "obstacle course" option. He's participated in their Nerf wars parents night out sessions and loves them, so he was super excited to have his own birthday party, Nerf-style! Since he's started school and made friends in our new(ish) neighborhood, he's all about the parties with friends now, so if I'm going to entertain a gaggle of little kids, having it someplace besides our house is a bonus.

Extra bonus: the kids wore themselves out playing!

This just might be the happiest group of exhausted kids ever.

Dan's parents came in for the weekend to see Evan's dance recital, and my parents came over the night of his actual birthday, so he had quieter gatherings with the grandparents, with some fun gift opening too.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Evan is Eight!

Eight Years. That just doesn't seem possible. Where does the time go? I can still picture my chubby cheeked little preschooler and it seems impossible that this GIANT 8 year old is staring back at me instead. But here we are. And here he is.

Going into 3rd grade.

Playing the Piano.

Dancing in Recitals.

Performing on stage!


Excelling in school, but still a total goofball.

(Mostly) patient big brother.

He keeps me on my toes, but I am so lucky to be the mom to this wonderful 8 year old boy.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Little League 2016

This was Evan's second year playing in the rookie league. He picked up the catcher's mitt and gear and stayed in that position most of the season, barring the knee injury that kept him from playing in a few games. His team was the River Bandits, which made for a more fun than usual mascot on the caps!

Evan improved his game about halfway through the season, connecting with the ball a whole lot more than at the beginning. He received some pretty high praise during one game for hitting three out of four times he came to bat, and pushing his team ahead to win the game. He got the game ball that day, and I'm pretty sure he (and Dan) walked on cloud nine all week.

A little pre-game warm up with Dad never hurts.

For the last handful of games, the Bandits switched out their regular team shirts for Team Lana shirts, to raise funds and support for a little girl fighting cancer in our community. <3

The River Bandits were the rookie champion runners-up in the tournament round. Way to go team!

Friday, June 24, 2016

The School Play

Evan auditioned for his school's annual spring play right after they got back from Christmas break. He was cast as a trumpeter and dancer (in a Cinderella story), and did a fantastic job! He was definitely the most animated and happy boy dancer. Always the ham!

Dancing with the Queen!

He pulls off the sparkly shirt, royal court look rather well I think.