About Us


"So, a Rabbi, a Protestant, and a Catholic walk into a bar .... and it's all Jerry Seinfeld's fault!"

That's really how it all started.  We met at Louisville's first Friday trolley hop when a mutual friend introduced us as I walked out of the women's restroom.  It went something like this:

Sarah:  Jen, Dan, meet!
Jen:  Oh, uh, hi.  I'm Jennifer.  [Extends hand to shake.]
Dan:  [to himself - man, I hope she's a handwasher].  How you doin'?  [No, really, Dan talks like this.]  

We proceeded not to speak to each other the rest of the night.

As fate would have it, our Rabbi friend, Nadia, intervened  and invited everyone to her apartment the next evening.  Then Dan ran off with Sarah to the airport to pick up Tom, a returning Iraqi defense contractor.  [I can't make this stuff up.]   

I thought it was a theme party so I brought my friend, James, the Army Captain, to Nadia's party.

Dan, Sarah, James, and Tom sat around talking about blowing things up for a while.  I took the wine and went to join the pacifists in the living room.  

Somewhere along the way, Dan ended up playing a sitar in the living room while sitting in a kid's chair.  Laughter ensued.  How could it not?  And in the back of my mind, I could see it.  He's funny!  And extroverted! And entertaining!  Before I knew it, I was flirting.  I am so awful at flirting.  I must be, because Dan ignored every single effort.  

Harumph!  I left for Baltimore, returning a week later to the news that my work team was going to see Jerry Seinfeld and I was supposed to bring a date.  A real one.  I called my friend Heidi.  It went something like this:

Jen:  I need a date to see Jerry Seinfeld.  Who can I bring?
Heidi:  I don't know.  Mesh shirt guy from 4th St. Live?  [Heidi's clever...and likes to remind me of the kind of men I tend to attract.]
Jen:  Ooh, if only Sarah hadn't pretended to be my wife and scare him away.
Heidi:  James?
Jen:  He's mad at me.  [Probably because I was flirting with another guy in front of him.   Friend fail.]  What about that funny guy at Nadia's party?  He'd probably like Seinfeld, right?  
Heidi:  You better hurry.  He's on the prowl.
Jen:  What?
Heidi:  He's looking for a girlfriend.  He's on Match.  Create a profile and message him.
Jen:  Okay, but it's just a date.  [Famous last words]

So I messaged him.  And he pretended to remember who I was.  I should mention that Match profiles have pictures and he STILL didn't remember me until I reminded him that we'd met, talked even, TWICE.

Dan will tell you that he was just about to ask me out when I swooped in, all Sadie Hawkins-with-a-cape style.

Seinfeld was 100 times funnier on stage than he ever was on TV.

You gotta' be careful with laughter, marriage might ensue.  And it did, a year and a half later.  On the inside of Dan's wedding ring, I had engraved "Together On Our Adventure."  Two years and four days after that, we welcomed our son, Evan Henry, to the world. A few years later, we welcomed another son, Connor Joe, and our little family was complete. The Adventure Continues.