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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

I love the holidays, but sometimes I wish for the less stressful times of being a kid during this season! I try to keep the holiday a magical one for my kids and they really do bring joy to everything.

Evan went to his school's Breakfast with Santa event this year. We had also planned on bringing Connor but he ended up sick and Dan stayed home with him. By the end of that weekend, we all had it, and it was awful. But Saturday morning was fun with Evan! He really didn't want to have his photo with Santa (too big for that now, you know) but I cajoled him into it.

Evan had his Christmas piano recital and did a wonderful job playing the Chipmunk Christmas song. He picked the song and it's SO him!

Connor's face in this one? Who knows.

I had grand plans of baking cookies with the kids, but Evan lost interest pretty quickly. Connor hung in for a while, but they were both on board for the quality control!

These were my attempt at Christmas Eve photos by the tree. They were pretty wound up at this point but "Santa is watching!" is a powerful motivator for (mostly) good behavior.

The boys were super excited by their Christmas morning surprises from Santa.

My parents came over later. My Dad might play the serious one, but I caught him in the act of some of his silly shenanigans.

Nice sweater, Dan!

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