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Friday, September 23, 2016

Connor is 3

Three. Or "Fhree" to hear Connor say it. Here we are, moving from toddler to preschooler. I try hard as his mom to resist the natural urge to compare my boys at the same age. In some ways that's easy because there's such a gap between them that my memory is fuzzy on what the every day was like five years ago. In other ways, it's harder, but he is a unique little dude.

-Part timid hand holder. Part dare devil.

-Mess maker, and candy fiend.

-Master of Pretend Play

-And rescuer of baby dolls

-Grinner and Rock Star

-Perpetually Crumb Faced

-Big brother admirer (but the first to point out when Evan is using his outdoor voice indoors! Ha!)

-Mamaw's boy.

-Face Maker and Tractor OBSESSED!

Sweet, smart, friendly, loving, and my little shadow most of the time. Some days I want to freeze time because it all goes by so quickly, but I can't wait to see what happens next. I love this boy.

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