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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thanksgiving and Early December

The downside of being so busy is that I'm weeks behind in uploading photos and posting to the blog. The upside of being so busy is that there aren't a lot of photos to go through. Post-holidays have been rough - the only person to escape a barrage of illnesses has been Dan (knock on wood). At one point, both kids and I were on antibiotics, and even the dog was medicated for his allergies. I heard our asthmatic cat wheezing yesterday. Replacing the air filter is going on my to do list this week.

Before the plague(s) hit though, we escaped for Thanksgiving to visit Dan's family. I've mentioned in the past that Dan's mom is a wonderful cook and that still holds true. Given how many people come to her house for Thanksgiving dinner, everyone agrees! I was on sous chef duties again, so I didn't take too many photos, but I did manage to get a few of the youngest members of the family. Wesley and Connor are four months apart. I see lots of fun-filled adventures between these two in the future.

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The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. Well, as much as one can relax while chasing a toddler. He even entertained his Great Grandpa Harry during the OSU game.

Evan lent his skills to helping Poppy pick out a Christmas tree.

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When we got back home I finished decorating our house for Christmas. Heaven help me, we now have two Christmas trees to decorate. I barely liked decorating one, how did this happen? Sadly our old tree was too small in the new living room, so it was moved to the basement and became the "kids' tree," displaying Evan's handmade ornaments and the ones we've acquired with the kids' names on them or that are otherwise kid-centric (e.g. Elmo playing a drum in a Santa hat, 'cause why not?). So I bought a new tree for the main floor, and with the help of my friend Amy "themed" the tree in green and gold and travel ornaments. I have to admit, I kinda' love it and I actually look forward to putting it up next year thanks to my post-holiday ornament markdown purchases. I thought I'd try my hand at taking some tree photos, aiming to get the starburst lights. Yay for getting my camera out for something besides snapshots of the kids!

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But I have plenty of those too...

From Evan's participation in the children's advent service at church.

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To Connor "helping" me decorate.

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And the boys playing in their Christmas pjs.

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More soon!

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