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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Round-Up

Shew. That's Southern for expressing busy, y'all. I could write several separate blog posts to cover the last two weeks of February, but I'm going to take the easy road and cover it in one fell swoop. I'll also try to limit idioms to two per sentence.

After seeing my newsfeed crawling with adorable Valentine's Day photos I decided to set up a quick blanket backdrop and get a few photos of the boys. Connor is doing as babies will do and getting bigger every day. Where's my itty bitty boy with the skinny legs and blonde sideburns? He's chewing on EVERY thing so I anticipate there will be teeth to show off soon.

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The trouble with taking photos of babies isn't getting their attention, but getting them to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

I've discovered the sure bet for getting my 5-year-old to *want* to have his photo taken: start taking pictures of his younger brother. Every baby shoot ends with sibling photos.

My friend, Heidi, brought her baby girl, Veronica, over to take some 3-month photos. Such a sweet girl! I loved her little expressions.

Connor and Veronica are seven weeks apart. I'm envisioning some park play dates in our future.

Since I already had my backdrop set up, Dan asked me to take some new headshot photos for his talent agency profile, and while I was at it I decided to go ahead and get some 5-month photos of Connor.

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Our cats sleep on the couch 23 hours a day and are awake approximately one hour to eat and photo bomb. Connor LOVED this.

I love my boys.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Evan let me take one photo of just him, then he was out of the frame at full speed. The shirt says it all.

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Anonymous said...

WOW that black & white of the boys...SWOON.

(And my cats photobomb, too!)