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Monday, February 24, 2014


I went to London last month for work and didn't take my camera. I'm a little sad about that as London is my favorite big city, but there simply wasn't room in my luggage, or all that much free time for taking photos. But I got a few with my phone on the way in and after dinner one night on a little walk around.

The Crown and Sceptre. Nice place to get a pint. Pubs in England are either tied houses (owned by brewers and serve only that brewers' brands) or free houses. Although this is a tied house which can be limiting in terms of brands, the London Pride was rather good.

Met up with a colleague who relocated to London at this gastro-pub. He told me it was a Dickensian club.

What I thought - a pub that evokes images of London in the era of Dickens.
What he meant - a pub where Charles Dickens actually used to hang out.

Blurry zooms of St. Paul's and Big Ben.

No spotting of Dr. Who.

Go to London, see a sphinx.

More trips coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Neat!! Wish you had room for that big camera, but I understand. ;)