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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week Two

We started to settle into a routine during week two home with Connor. I'm not sure if Connor is easier than Evan was as a baby, if I'm more confident in parenting a newborn, or a combination of both. One huge difference: there's much less rest time. Which is odd given that Dan is home most of the time as well. There's more to keep up with, that's for sure. I could spend hours a day picking up, cleaning, doing laundry, planning meals (failing at this most often), running errands, 'round the clock feeding, diapering, giving baths, taking care of pets, etc. I tried for three days to find the time to go get a pedicure. Pfft. There was always something else that took precedence. You know, like showering. Thank goodness sandal weather is over. There was a very real part of me last week that was ready to go back to work immediately just to catch my breath. Then I look at the sweet faces of Connor and Evan and realize I need to embrace the chaos a while longer.

We had some more visitors this week - near and far. This little guy already has lots of admirers. Renee, our church's Children's Minister came by to meet her new constituent.

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Evan and Connor's Nana and Poppy came to visit the second weekend. I am so grateful to have such awesome in-laws. Fran cooked two delicious meals AND made enough for leftovers. Remember that earlier reference to my failure to cook? Having this crossed off my list makes my life so much easier.

Thanks to the Rock 'n Play sleeper some friends got me, we all sleep better. I usually get one 4-6 hr stretch of sleep at night, which is awesome at this age. This little "fist pump" shot taken during the day just seemed appropriate.

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Posin' and dazzling us with his baby blues.

From day one, Connor has LOVED kicking his legs out like this. I think after 40 weeks and a day "on the inside" this little jailbird likes the freedom of stretching his legs.

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Heidi said...

Still blown away by how fair he is. Handsome guy!