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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week Three and a Milestone for Evan

Before Connor was born, I asked my boss, who has two kids, if it was easier going from zero to one child or one to two. He pondered it for a moment and said "zero to one." I took this as a good sign. NOW I know that what he was really doing in that pause was deciding whether to be honest or kind. He went with kind.

I thought I had no "me time" before? I can't do anything but laugh at my silly, naive self. I wouldn't trade it for the world, it's just a different reality to adjust to.

In the interest of time (i.e. a currently sleeping babe and occupied-for-the-next-5-minutes 5 year old), here's the rundown of week three.

- Connor had his first bottle. I had to take Dan to drop off one of our cars for service. My parents volunteered to sit with the kids for the hour or so this would take. I left a bottle "just in case" and it was needed (we might have made a slight detour on our way back to pick up a bottle of wine and some Jack Daniel's. Parenting pick-me-ups.)

- That beautiful head of (reddish) blonde hair Connor has turned into an old man 'do this week thanks to a nice case of cradle cap. The hair on top of his head started receding, then came completely off in the bath one night (technically I think this might have happened a few days into week four, but close enough). So now he has the hair wrap around the sides and back of his head, complete with long strands on the crown to make for a smashingly awesome comb over! Here's one of the last shots I got before it fell out.

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And the so-light-you-can-barely-see-them eyelashes.

-When a fair-skinned Irish kid gets mad he can get as red as the shirt he wears.

-Evan's adoration of his little brother continues. He loves getting down in the floor with him. They say your older child will seem huge when a new baby arrives. It's true.

I love Evan's observation about newborns (around the :20 mark):

I love the newborn stage, despite the middle of the night feedings and incredible ability to pee on me not once, not twice, but three times during one diaper change. How can you not love this sweet face?

Officially three weeks here...

...but I took some a few days later with the new stickers I ordered to mark his monthly milestones (it came with some bonus stickers for the first month).

Post-paci removal

And a tiny grin. The balding head really does make him look like a little old man.

In HUGE big brother news, Evan lost his first tooth! My friend Heidi came over to visit and see Connor and as she walked in, Evan announced his tooth fell out. Scene stealer.

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Heidi said...

I was there for a milestone! Woo!

I love the very last picture of Conner.