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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wrapping Up an Adventurous Month

With Evan on fall break for two weeks, we needed something to fill the days. Dan and Evan had some father-son adventures to the Slugger Museum, another local history museum, and a family fun park with laser tag and bumper cars. That gave me some time at home with Connor to relax. But we also did a few family outings.

Harvest Homecoming is a festival held every fall in a neighboring town. It was a pretty fall day so we decided to go. We walked around the booths, then discovered there was a carnival area for kids. Evan was ecstatic. So while Connor chilled in the Ergo with me, the boys did some more adventuring.

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The slide was a HUGE hit. Can you tell?

A few days later we went to the local orchard where everyone within a 100-mile radius seems to go to pick out their Halloween pumpkins. One advantage of maternity leave is being able to go during the week, so the crowd wasn't nearly as bad. Which is good, because I forgot just how much equipment we lug around for babies for even the shortest trips. Car seat, carrier, stroller, diaper bag, etc. 10 lb baby. 40 lbs. of stuff. There are times I don't even want to bring my camera because it's one more thing. But I'm almost always glad I do.

My mom was doing something to make Evan laugh here. I love his toothy, silly grin.

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Evan ran into his friend, Charlie, from his Little League team. They ran around like crazy fools in the pumpkin patch.

Sitting still is akin to a miracle in the world of 5 year olds.

It's a little easier to photograph this guy (for now). Four weeks...

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I love his itty bitty baby feet.

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And sweet little hands.

He is King of the Swaddle Break.

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One month old!

Stats: 9 lb 15 oz (54%) 22 in (60%)

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