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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week One

Time flies when you're sleep deprived. Ok, that's the opposite of true. I just thought it made for a semi-valid excuse as to why I haven't posted anything new since Connor's arrival. Several people have called, emailed, and texted to ask how things are going and if I'm getting sleep. I think we're probably doing as well as is typical when you have a 5 year old and a new baby at home.

In short: Adjusting.

No doubt those first few days were rough. Post-partum exhaustion and hormones are super fun. In an ironic twist where fantasy mimics reality, the TV show Parenthood featured a story line the same week where two of the characters brought home a new baby with an elementary-age boy already at home. The glazed, wide-eyed expression on the mom's face? That was definitely me week one.

It's getting a little easier. We're getting in a groove now. Evan's home this week and next though for fall break so my days are pretty full caring for the kids (just typing "the kids" is still a little foreign). But I wanted to get some photos up from the first week. Sadly I didn't take a ton. Lots more iPhone and much less "real" camera. Like I said, exhausted. More to come soon.

Bringing Connor home.

First neighborhood stroll.

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More brotherly sweetness.

I was in the process of taking the photo when he went from contented to this face.

This was exactly one week.


Some non-photo stats:

Connor's slight case of jaundice resolved itself. We had one trip back to the hospital on day three to check his bilirubin level. He was 7'4" on day two, 7'6" on day three, and 7'15" on day eight. I don't make milk, I make human growth hormone.

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