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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Colorado, Part 1

Alicia and I were college roommates way back when email was just taking off, which in my child's eyes will probably one day render me prehistoric. Anyway, Alicia got married a few weeks ago in Colorado. I've been to visit many times since we graduated but now even Alicia has moved to sunny California where her husband was transferred. So knowing this could be one of our last trips to Colorado, it was a tad bittersweet. Thankfully I was pretty well distracted by having a 4 year old with me and a series of unfortunate events that left us carless for two days.

Evan and I were asked to be in the wedding last fall, and thankfully Alicia has spent enough time around young children to know they can be unpredictable. Ok, very unpredictable. Alicia is a smart woman though and she's been buttering up this kid for years! In turn, Evan loves his mysterious Auntie Alicia who sends gifts from afar. I shouldn't have been surprised when he was as enamored in person of both Alicia and James.

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While we were in college Alicia would come home with me for smaller holidays and such because a trip back to Colorado was ~1,000 miles. My parents became her Indiana parents. So my mom went with me to celebrate the big day and watch her "other daughter" walk down the aisle. Oh, and help wrangle the kiddo since Dan couldn't join us on the trip.

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I forgot just how jam packed the wedding day is. Yet it still feels like it flies by.

Sara and Amy were awesome fellow bridesmaids.

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I didn't lug my big camera with me as much on this trip and all the wedding photos were taken with my 8 year old point and shoot, so please excuse the quality here.

It took all of us to figure out the complexities of tying Alicia's gorgeous dress. Where did Evan go?

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Evan ended up walking down the aisle with Megumi (flower girl) and her mom, Crystal, which worked out great.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Awesome GQ pose, Ash!

I am so grateful for the number of friends who attended this wedding who helped entertain Evan, especially Jon. Poor guy, he and my friend Emily escaped for a weekend sans kids then got stuck sitting next to mine!

Playing the shoe game. LOVE this!

Evan, totally exhausted, spent the last hour dancing with anyone who would hold him long enough to fall asleep. But Auntie Alicia got showered with kisses instead.

Congratulations, Alicia and James!


Heidi said...

Gorgeous wedding! Love the bridesmaid dresses - are my eyes playing tricks, or do you go from spaghetti straps to no straps? Congratulations to Awesome Alicia! (And to that dude she married, too.)

Jen O. said...

Good catch, Heidi! Alicia gave us a color and we got to pick our own style of dress. Mine came with optional straps. I hadn't planned on wearing them, then added them at the last minute. Unfortunately because I didn't check the hooks beforehand I didn't notice that one of them was frayed. So rather than risk it breaking during the ceremony I just ditched them.