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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Important Questions

Evan and I got a pretty special delivery a couple of weeks ago from my friend, Alicia. Alicia and I were college roommates at UE and even though until just a few days ago she lived in Colorado since she graduated, we've stayed in touch, flying back and forth to visit each other over the years. I won't say how many years because that somehow might imply we're old. We did have email when we were in college. Barely.

Anyway, Alicia recently got engaged and has moved to San Diego where her fiance, James, was recently relocated for his job. They're getting married back in Denver next August. Alicia has been an amazing bridesmaid for too many friends to count (let's just say she could empathize with Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses). It speaks volumes to the wonderful friend that she is that so many women would want her there on their biggest day. (That, and she knows how to throw fantastic bridal showers and bachelorette parties!)

I would imagine then that picking bridesmaids for her own wedding was no easy task. Part of me thought she might skip that role altogether, having done it so many times herself, with the dresses to prove it. We had talked many times since the official engagement and she made no mention of a bridal party. I looked at some of the locations she sent me via email and a few different photographers, so I was happy to help however I could, regardless of the role.

Then, this package arrived after I'd gotten home late from work one night. I wasn't expecting anything, and the return address was a mystery. Leave it to Alicia to be uniquely clever. I opened the box to find this:

There was another little note behind the big question signed from Alicia (and James).

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How cute is that?!

We've been friends a long time, so maybe the question itself wasn't a huge surprise, but the other thing I found in the box sure was.

There was another cookie.

For Evan.

Alicia is a very smart woman. I mean, it was pretty smart to bribe the adult with a cookie, even if I'd have done it anyway. But if you want a 3 year old to do something for you, cookies are a good move. It was pretty late when the package arrived and Evan was already in bed, so I had to wait until the next day to show it to him.

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Think he was excited? I had to explain what Auntie Alicia was asking him, and at first he misunderstood me. He thought I was telling him he had to go to the mountains and marry Auntie Alicia. I could see him thinking this out and knew I had to work on my explanation.

M: "You just have to carry some rings and hand them to someone."
E: "Will there be cookies?"
M: "Yes."
E: "Okay."

I talked to Alicia the next day and let her know how honored we'd be to participate. But I thought I should at least try to be creative in my response. I don't bake all that well so sending back a burnt cookie in the shape of the word, "Yes," just didn't seem like a good idea. So, here it is, our official response to two important questions.

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Alicia said...

James and I are so excited! And yes - there will be cookies for Evan. :)

Heidi said...

Congrats to Alicia! And congrats to Evan on his important role....and the cookies.

Andie said...

Alicia is a very smart girl! Having Evan in her wedding is a no-brainer! At the age of three he's old enough to take direction and young enough to bring cuteness and personality to the wedding! I hope he enjoys the cookies, and congrats to Alicia and her hubby-to-be!!