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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boys x 3

For a long time, my nephew Landon was the only grandchild in the family. Oh man, did things change after he was born. Holidays were brighter. Laughter was contagious. Tears were almost always joyful. Now there are two MORE boys in the family - Evan, and Landon's little brother, Liam. It's three times the laughter and tears. And, much, much less sleep in general.

We corralled the cousins together last month when the weather finally got warmer. They played. Wine was opened. All were happy.

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So much for his aversion to bare feet in the grass.

It was Evan's first time playing in sand, with a little help from Landon.


Heidi said...

Holy cow! When did Landon turn into a big boy? He's so big now....and so handsome.

Andie Zimmerman said...

The three boys make a great team!