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Monday, November 1, 2010

Evan Henry, Boy Genius

I realized I haven't given a real update on Evan in a long time. I mean, sure, I show off his adorable cuteness with pictures, but there's some brains behind all that charm. For example,

- He's a magician. Go ahead, put a piece of candy on the table and watch one chubby little hand reach out and take it, then he'll look at you with 100% sincerity and say "where'd it go?" If you say in return, "it's in your hand behind your back, Evan" you'll get "Nope, it's all gone!" He'll make a fine lawyer one day.

- He knows how to undress himself and has become a Yoga aficionado.

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- He's a performance artist. (Sorry the video is a bit distorted. Camerawoman fail.)

- This weekend he started using the word beautiful in conversation. "Mommy, it's beautiful. I lub it." This was in reference to the vacuum cleaner.

- He's a photography genius. No joke, he took this picture in full manual mode on my camera. He achieved in 6 seconds what took me months of study and practice to come close to.

Evan took this picture.  He's two years old and gets better composition and bokeh than his mama.

- He is a creative escape artist. Conventional is for everybody else, right?

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- Last year he was a Doctor for Halloween. This year, he was an Astronaut. Ambition is his middle name.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(Er, make that naked ambition)

It'll be tough juggling attending Yale while directing the campus social scene, but I have the utmost confidence.

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