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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poppy and a Parade

I've fallen off the blog-wagon. After work events and child-rearing keep getting in the way. But I finally got around to editing some pictures from an awesome weekend we spent visiting the in-laws. It started out with a birthday dinner for Evan's Poppy. Evan decided Poppy should clean up for the occasion, and he would help:

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Poppy looks pleased with the results, I think:

Happy Birthday, Poppy. We had a great time celebrating with you!

Then there was a parade for Poppy. Okay, fine, it was a homecoming parade, but Poppy was in it AND he invited us along. Yay! Just LOOK how excited the kids are:

Uhm, well, look how excited THIS guy is (the best part of this picture is the kid behind him):

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The only thing Evan needs is the royal wave:

I think someone *might* have snuck a piece of candy for himself. Hmm.

Evan's cousin, Nick, shows off his face art while tossing candy to kids:

And look, a rarely seen picture with mommy!

Thanks Nana and Poppy for a fun-filled weekend!

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