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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Easter Fun

I love an excuse to get the kids a little dressed up. Evan likes to "look like Dad" so he doesn't (yet) balk at wearing a jacket and tie. The hard part is finding a quality combo. I found Evan's suit last fall while in NYC for business. Connor's outfit was a last minute change though, thanks to an expected cooler Easter morning. I caved to the elasticized (yet still way too big) pants, and cute bow tie. Plus, he matched his "bobby" and that's what mattered to him.

After church the boys enjoyed seeing what the Easter bunny left in their baskets, then headed outside to hunt for eggs.

The temporary set up from the basketball goal installation made for clever egg hiding options.

My parents remind me that, occasionally at least, I should be *in* photos with the boys. I think Dan was trying to find the one egg the bunny left that we couldn't find. Maybe our neighborhood bunnies kept a treat for themselves.

They love their mamaw and papaw. <3

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