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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Bike and New Discoveries

Evan's first bike that we got him for his 5th birthday was already showing some wear last year. Things only got worse this year and Evan has grown quite a bit, so I decided it was time to get him a new bike. As luck would have it, Toys 'R Us was having a trade-in event and we could bring in the old, falling apart bike and get a $30 credit on a new one. The sales person was really helpful in picking out the right size bike, after watching Evan ride in the store. Nearly two months later, he still loves his bike. Hopefully this summer we can work with him on riding without training wheels.

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Connor is still too small for most of the ride-on toys, but he's staying pretty busy discovering other new stuff. We were unable to childproof the lazy susan in our kitchen, so it's become Connor's favorite thing (of course) to unload whatever is in there on a regular basis. So a few weeks ago I started taking most of the food items out and putting them elsewhere. He quickly discovered something else might fit in the cabinet instead - himself!

Getting out was a challenge though, so he hasn't tried it again, thankfully.

I forget how even at 20 months there are still new things for him to discover. He's "talking" like crazy, even singing at times (ee-i-ee-i-oh!), so when he found a harmonica in a drawer recently, he was fascinated. Music soothes the savage beast...including wily toddlers!

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