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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

I'm not sure if this technically qualifies as the dog days of summer on the calendar, but I don't really have a better name for this blog post! We've finally hit some cool evenings/mornings, so I feel autumn inching closer.

Dan has dusted off his theatre skills for a (thankfully, local) production of Chicago, so the boys and I have gotten a LOT of solo quality time together recently. Yes, it's crazy and exhausting, but I'm reminded almost daily that amidst the chaos are the moments that make my heart full too. A few of these I get in photos, others I make do with memories.

Evan's silly faces.

Connor's post-bath curls.

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The incredible bond of brothers.

And my little reader cozied up with a book.

Then there are times I need to call in a relief pitcher (or two). So I took the boys to visit my parents this weekend for a couple of hours.

Connor had a ball exploring the back of his Papaw's truck.

And my mom got a picture with me in it! Hair isn't fixed and I'm exhausted, but I love it because my CJ is smiling.

New developments this month include holding his arms up to be held and playing patty cake.

And a comparison shot of my boys, at almost the exact same age. Love their slobbery kisses.

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