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Friday, May 23, 2014

Teeth (or lack thereof)

Evan's teeth have had a precarious adventure ever since they came in. When he was about 16 months old, he fell at day care and managed to bite through his lip, requiring stitches. There have been numerous occasions since then where he fell and I was shocked he didn't knock out his teeth. In fact, one of his two front teeth had been dying a slow death for a while now from nerve damage, no doubt incurred from one of those many falls.

The first two baby teeth to go were the first that came in as a baby. They were on the bottom and fell out last winter, quickly replaced by permanent teeth, so it was hardly noticeable. His top teeth still seemed pretty sturdy. Then in a span of two weeks, he went from this:

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...to this...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

...to this.

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He's still adorable, but I'm going to miss that baby tooth smile. The tooth fairy has, so far, remembered to replace the teeth with a gold Sacajawea dollar for each tooth lost. The tooth fairy left me a quarter for each tooth when I was a kid, so I think $1 makes for a pretty good inflation rate, especially when presented as a gold coin, right? Wrong. Evan was duly unimpressed when the tooth fairy kept leaving the same coin (this was on tooth #2 mind you...boredom is quick with 5 year olds). So for teeth #3 and #4 she's left, in addition to the dollar, a coin from France and a coin from Ireland, having had stops there before coming to our house. Evan loves it. That tooth fairy is a clever one, with a network of world travelers and change to spare.

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