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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little League

We're already more than halfway through this year's Little League season and I haven't yet posted anything. It is much, much more difficult to even remember to take the camera with a baby (and all his gear) in tow. I'd like to chalk this up to trying to be present in the moment than snap photos, but in reality it is not as much a conscious effort as it is a there's-no-way-I-can-carry-one-more-thing 'thing.'

Evan "graduated" from t-ball to Pee Wee, the primary differences being machine pitch and score keeping. He is one of the younger (if not youngest) members of his team, but he's doing well. I think the machine pitch is a little intimidating for him as his swing tends to slow only when the machine pitches. Up until that point, man oh man, he has the swagger. He's learning a lot though, and importantly, having fun.

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Extra bonus this year - his team got to ride a fire truck in the parade! His team is sponsored by this EMS crew.

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See what I mean? Swagger.

My nephew, Landon, plays on an older league and he spotted me during the parade.

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