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Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Schminter

It's the winter that will not end. I love living in a place with four seasons, but after this winter I've had quite enough of snow, ice, negative wind chill, and freezing rain. Last Spring I bought Evan a pair of snow bibs at an end of season sale. Given that we've barely had any snow the past few years, I'm a little surprised I bought them, but they (and the snow boots, big winter coat, and multiple pairs of gloves) have paid off well.

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In big news for Connor, he rolled over for the first time yesterday! I've tried for a week with camera in hand to get a video, but of course he had to wait until I was without video surveillance. So that will be uploaded in a future post.

Evan's school had a 100th Day of School celebration. If my Facebook feed is any indication, this is something many elementary schools now do. Math projects, counting exercises, etc., under the guise of a celebration - brilliant! Evan decided he'd dress like a 100-year-old. He picked out the tie and glasses and was all gung-ho to have me gray his hair until that morning. Oh well, I still think he looked darling.

 And whaddya' know, our elusive cat, Bella, snuck in a photobomb.

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superpipercalliedocious said...

Yes, we also had the 100 day celebration...their homework was to count out 100 of a snack and they made a huge snack to share out of it. We picked Cheerios...I didn't tell Piper that they would have allowed chocolate chips. ;)