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Friday, November 22, 2013

Connor's Newborn Photos

I just realized I never posted Connor's newborn session photos. I knew I'd be far too tired to even attempt these by myself (nor do I have nearly the set up or skills a newborn photographer does). Even though my wonderful SIL had taken my maternity photos, and we'd done swaps in the past, I just wanted her to enjoy being an Auntie rather than worry about getting the perfect photos for me. So I started searching for someone who specializes in newborns and found Tiffney. Her portfolio was gorgeous, and she had photographed over 100 newborns, so I thought this will be a cinch.

Wouldn't you know it that my child would be the difficult one? He did NOT want to be curled up or stay asleep. Despite all the tricks - warm studio, full belly, and a pro who was better at moving him than his own mom - he gave both of us a 5-hour run for our money. He finally fell asleep at the end, after multiple feeding breaks. He peed, pooped, and spit up on me to the point that I went through all my extra clothes. Thankfully Tiffney seemed perfectly at ease with moms in states of disarray.

On a photography note, I am blown away at how sharp these are. Looking at 100% crops, tack sharp.

It is so hard to pick a favorite...

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superpipercalliedocious said...

SO gorgeous!! Both Connor & Tiffney's work. :)