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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dan's 40th Birthday

Dan was 31 when we met. How'd we HE get to 40 so quickly? I asked him weeks ago what he wanted to do for his birthday but we never really came up with an answer, then it was almost here. So on the actual day it was somewhat low-key at home, but we did get together with some HBC-ers and baseball friends a few days later.

He cheered them all the way to a championship, I figured he needed a shirt. He also got a watch. We were early to something this week. If you know Dan, this is a miracle. Pretty sure the watch might be magic.

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Already getting the "old man reading syndrome!"

You know what happens when you go to the grocery the day of for birthday cupcakes? You get these.

My boys don't care. If it's cake with icing, they'll eat it.

And the real cake.

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