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Friday, June 14, 2013

Stress Free Birthday

I've thrown a family birthday party for Evan every year. I said after last year we'd switch to a 'friend' party knowing that he'd probably enjoy that and get to play with his friends. Then he switched schools and his birthday fell on the same day as graduation. So we simplified. We had cake at home the day of his birthday. He got to open his presents from us and my parents who stopped by for a few minutes, then the next day we got together with his best friend, Teddy and family for a pizza lunch. SO much less stressful than planning a big party and he had a blast.

This is how we start pretty much every morning - iPad and breakfast while I get ready for work.

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Only this day he got to open a present too.

The only thing he asked for this year was a Stuffie, which he discovered thanks to the brilliant advertisers on the Sprout channel. Mamaw and Papaw delivered.

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His big surprise gift from us this year was his first bicycle.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It came with a police siren. In hindsight, we could have not installed the batteries for that particular feature.

It rained off and on that day and was windy, and the next day we went out and bought him a helmet.

Happy kiddo.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! And like I said before, P's birthday fell on the first day, his on the last. Funny how that works!

Heidi said...

Aw, love the present-face he makes. I know you've been feeling he's getting so big, so fast, but in these photos, he still looks like a really little boy to me. Sounds like a really great day!