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Friday, June 14, 2013

Pre-School Graduation

I'm going to channel my inner Brit and do a "proper" post on Evan's preschool graduation ceremony. I snuck in a photo on the birthday letter, but I haven't said enough good things about the school where he spent the last two months of pre-kindergarten. We made a decision to move him earlier this spring and I wish we had done it last fall. He learned so much and our anxiety level went way down knowing he was in good hands and was happier. The school itself is nationally accredited and equipped to handle children of all needs and abilities, which gave all the kids greater diverse exposure. At the beginning of the ceremony Goodwill's President presented an award to a local teen who volunteered his time to build a giant fire truck play set for the kids outdoor jungle gym. Without instructions. He earned his Eagle Scout badge for it.

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Then the kids processed in. I was a little worried he might step out of line when he saw us, but he put on his best demure face and looked cute as ever standing with his class.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

He had a great teacher, Ms. Jessica, who also happened to be leaving after five years here on the day of graduation so it was a somewhat bittersweet day as she presented awards to her last class. She named the awards after brands of candy. True to form, Evan received the Smarties award, for "always seeming to know as much as the teachers."

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Ultimately he had five great teachers / assistant teachers. I am so grateful to all of them - Jessica, Dianna, Chynna, Olivia, and Dean. (The teacher:student ratio at this place was amazing!)

He also wanted to pose with the Director, Mr. Paul.

Evan's enjoying a summer off from school and having fun with friends at camp before the big Kindergarten jump this fall. Five years came and went so quickly.

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Here we go!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Evan!! They must have gotten their gowns at the same place our JK got theirs. ;)