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Friday, November 30, 2012

24 Days, 16 Hours

That's how many days and hours left until Christmas. I'm always at a loss as to what to title my blog posts, so I just picked something random. Maybe it's useful, maybe it makes you panic realizing all there is left to do (oh wait, that's me, nevermind). That's the annoying nature of time though. The days of wanting it to go by quickly ended right around my 25th birthday, when State Farm granted me lower insurance rates.

This month my Dad turned 70. He's always been kind of a jokester. He's pictured in his high school yearbook climbing out one of the school windows, winning the accolade for being the funniest guy in his class. I need to get a scan of that picture. My conversation with Evan the morning of my Dad's birthday made me realize he might have some of his grandpa's wit.

Evan: How old is Papaw?
Me: He's 70 today.
Evan: Wow! Now he's the same age as Daddy!

There's enough material in that to last a month.

Dad is pretty reserved and specifically said he didn't want a party like my mom had a couple of months ago. So my aunt and uncle came over and we had cake.

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One night last week I pulled into the driveway with Evan in the back seat and mentioned we really needed to rake the leaves. I should realize by now that when I mention something that's even remotely fun to my preschooler, he will not be delayed. It was too dark to get any pictures of him jumping in the pile of leaves, but it's a nice reward at the end of this "chore."

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