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Friday, July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

Last year the hard drive on which I stored all my photo and video files crashed. Thankfully all the photos were recoverable, but the video files were gone, except a scattering I had saved on another computer and on this blog. Until today. While looking through a stack of CDs for some other old files, I found three CDs marked August 2009 - March 2010. They contained every photo and video file for eight months! 175 video files to be exact. From Evan's first wobbly steps to his first time seeing snow. I had convinced myself not to get upset over losing them, but now that I have some of them back I have to admit I'm pretty excited.

So just for fun I thought I'd post a couple of flashback videos. Videographers we are not, nor was this a great camera, but Evan's cuteness is pretty awesome, as were his chubby little rolls.

And one more...I just love his "I don't know" face in this one.

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