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Friday, December 2, 2011

Stuff I Missed

I honestly don't know how people who have 365 blogs do it. I missed some "stuff" in the gap between vacation this summer and Halloween.

Stuff like:

Evan transitioned to a toddler bed! Huge lesson learned here - do NOT do this at the same time (or within a week of) pacifier weaning. All is well now, but those were two weeks that none of us in the house slept well.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Evan helped.

Then Evan's Uncle Andy visited from South Carolina

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We had birthday celebrations

And spent time with cousins who don't run or hide their face from the camera (which is surprising because their mom snaps photos more than me!)

Evan is becoming a pro at being in parades

And perfecting the parade wave

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Then we wrapped up last month by celebrating two more birthdays. One with an eight year old...

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How can he be eight already?

And rounded out the first year for this one year old

Thanksgiving pictures to be posted soon!


Pam said...

Loads of fun stuff going on here. I remember switching the girls out of the crib...hope it was a smooth transition!

Jennifer said...

I love that shot of him in his crib for the last time. Nice job documenting the whole event. The one of him helping carry away a part of the crib is really cute too.