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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Boots Really Do Make the Outfit

There was a very short window when the rain stopped, the clouds lifted, and the sun came out this weekend. Evan made the most of it by stomping around the overgrown backyard doing "cowboy stuff," and demonstrating his best pensive fist-in-the-mouth crying face when I told him it was time to go in. What's cuter than a dramatic cowboy? Not much.


aidkaid19 said...

swoon. he is so adorbs <3

p.s. i responded to your comment on my blog - go look lol

and why arent you on our other site ;)

Jen O. said...

Thanks, Amanda! Problem is, he knows he's adorable. :-)

I responded to your response. Weird thing is - if you Google search that photographer, it gets more confusing. Unless you're moonlighting as a Caribbean photographer of bikini models? LOL

Heidi said...

The boy's still got cheek-age, even though he's getting so big!