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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh What a Month It's Been

A lot can happen in a month when you're a toddler. Evan went from walking to running, got tubes in his ears, and survived two days without Mommy when I went on a business trip. And that's just the past two weeks. Here's a rundown of the things Evan checked off his to-do list...

Learn to use a fork:

Be an environmental activist:

Attempt escape:

Demonstrate frustation over health care debate:

Discover a bad habit: (Disclaimer: the bottle is empty!)

Take a trial run for upcoming flight. Question pilot's credentials:

Travel to Ohio to visit Nana and Poppy...

...and to Tennessee to meet his cousins:

And make a new best friend:

Whew! I think that about covers it. Until next month...

1 comment:

Chris said...

Glad to see he and McFly are getting along so famously!