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Saturday, May 2, 2009

11 Months!

It's going to be a very busy month for Evan's Dad. He has two birthdays to remember, Mother's Day and our anniversary. Poor guy. I *almost* feel bad for him.

Evan is 11 months old and counting down to the big birthday. He's adding new words and sounds every week - "uh oh" being the new favorite. He'll drop things on the floor just so he can say it.
I think I passed an official milestone in motherhood this week too. Evan was throwing a fit in the grocery store and by the time we checked out I was paying for an open package of baby snacks. All stores should stock these things - they'd make a killing from desperate mothers.

His new favorite sleeping position. How can this be comfortable?


Anonymous said...

Yes, May is definitely going to be a busy month for all of you. He's getting so big! It won't be long now before he hits the toddler stage. "Uh oh!" Ha!

Nana said...

Is he not nust the most handsome adorable little guy in the whole world!!!! And no, I'm not biased, I'm his Nana!

Nana said...

Is he not the most handsome little guy in the whole world!!! And no, I am not biased...I'm his Nana:-)