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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No April Fools!

I'm a little biased, but saying 'mama' has to be one of the best sounds ever. We went shopping yesterday with my Mom and he said it three times! Maybe he was voicing his opinion on the clothes I was buying for him?

Evan's been socializing quite a bit in the past few weeks. He met up with his honorary Grandma Sharon when she was in town visiting from Atlanta.

And looking a little sleepy with Sharon's mom, Billie:

Then Evan's Nana came to visit last weekend and he had a grand time showing her all his new skills, including of course, saying Nana!

I know we express our disbelief each month at how fast Evan is growing up, but it's true. Ten months have flown by, but we're enjoying every moment (except maybe all those sleepless nights!)

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