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Sunday, March 22, 2009

March is for Milestones

I had every intention of posting this last week, but I got the flu and Evan had a double ear infection and pink eye, so we were both out of pocket for a few days. I'll be glad when spring weather is here ...and hopefully fewer germs!

Evan decided he was going to knock out three milestones in a single week. On Monday (the 9th), he started low crawling (aka the Army crawl) while visiting my parents' house. On Wednesday, he pulled up to his feet all on his own. And on Friday, just to round out the week and applaud his own accomplishments, he started clapping his hands. We finally got it on video today:

And our fine Irish lad was all set to woo the ladies on St. Patrick's Day until he got pink eye. Darn the luck. But he still looked pretty cute in his tee-shirt from Nana.

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