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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Real Parenting Lesson #1

Dan and I decided to give Evan his first bath tonight and we were fully prepared for there to be crying and wailing (from the baby too!), but had no idea just how comical things would get. Evan was surprisingly calm and didn't cry much at all. The nurses at the hospital that I'd watched give baths said that he would cry because he'd get cold, so I thought we had beaten the system. Everything was going great, Dan had laid him on the top net of the tub above the water line and all of a sudden the waterworks began. Straight up in the air, over the tub and onto the new carpet. We were bathing him in the bedroom since it's easier than leaning over a tub and we only were using about a cup of water in the bottom of the baby tub. Dan jumps up to look for the "pee pee tee pees" in the middle of the show, and by the time he finds them the waterworks are over. I washed his hair (he actually seemed to enjoy it) and we got him all dried off, baby lotion applied, and clean clothes on. Then, blam, barf-o-rama! Evan spits up all over himself, me, down the dresser, and onto the carpet. Real Parenting Lesson #1? Don't give the baby a bath right after feeding him. And have the pee pee tee pees ready in advance!

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