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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome to our world! Or at least a small sample of our world. With parenthood looming, we decided that given our extended family across the miles who will be asking for baby updates we'd start a family blog to document all the oohs and aahs of baby Seamus. [For those that don't know, Seamus is the baby's fake name until we announce the real one at his birth!] We might sneak in some news about us now and then too, but we know the real reason you're visiting is to see the baby.

We're 11 days from the due date and I *think* the nursery is finally ready. The clothes, blankets and sheets are all washed and folded, the furniture assembled, the pictures placed and the diapers stacked . Now all we need is the baby! Here are a few nursery pics - the theme is Beatrix Potter since we wanted to keep it pretty neutral.

Our friend Rebecca made this beautiful baby blanket (by hand!) with the fabric that inspired the room. Sneaky Dan sent her the leftover fabric I had from the sheet, valance and crib skirt and she turned it into this truly one-of-a-kind and treasured gift.

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