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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Connor is Two!

I haven't blogged about Connor since Easter! Classic second kid syndrome and Mom-of-the-Year, right here. Connor turned two in September and is an active, happy, sweet-natured little guy. So much changes between one and two years. Last year he wasn't walking yet, but he's certainly made up for any lost time. He wants to do anything his big brother does, pushing his plasma car and other toys all around the yard. So one of his birthday presents was a balance bike. He's still getting the hang of it, but I think he'll be cruising like a pro next spring.

Connor is definitely starting to show his independent streak. Everything is "I do it!" and "I did it!" when he's achieved whatever he's working on. He insists on dressing himself most days, minus the shirt which is a game of "where's Connor?" when the shirt goes over his head, and he yells "I see you!" when his head pops through. You'd think as a parent you'd get used to the cute way they phrase things in their tiny little voices, but you don't. I am trying to soak it all in because it disappears all too quickly.

He finally started consistently sleeping through the night around 21/22 months. That's a few months ahead of when his brother did, so I'll take it! Only one of his two-year molars has popped through, causing the occasional restless night, but he's otherwise a pretty sound sleeper.

He's singing the ABCs and counting to 10 (mostly, for some reason he always skips 9). Here he is pointing out that the bakery spelled his name wrong on the birthday cake.

Ok, not really, but man I wish I'd realized how often this would happen when we were picking his name.

He loves Mickey Mouse and trains. He'll bring me the remote and demand "Mickey" or "Choo-Choo!"

I think I actually have a kid who loves reading more than I do. It's an all day thing for him to bring us books to read to him. The "Little Engine" book he got for his birthday (thanks, Imagination Library!) is already well worn.

I bought him a toy vacuum too, but he'd much rather pull out the Dyson and take it apart, of course.

McFly and Connor (and Evan too, at this age) have a symbiotic relationship. He steals Connor's snacks, but McFly puts up with their antics, so it's a fair trade.

Like his brother, he is a very cuddly boy.

There are times though that I am second fiddle to his Grandma, and that's ok. I love that my boys love her so much. She spoils them, but isn't that a grandma's job?

Those early photos and videos of Connor will pop up in my Timehop now and I miss those baby coos and smiles, but I love this little toddler and all his personality too. Happy Birthday, Connor Joe!

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