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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Baby in a Bucket

I started a series of photos of Connor all around his climbing habit. Most of the time this means he's climbing up / on to a particular object, but sometimes it means climbing in. Evan never really was a climber as a baby/toddler, at least not that I recall. Certainly not enough that I had to worry what I was going to pull him down from / off of / out of on any given day hour.

Right after the new year, for some reason this purple bucket was in the middle of the kitchen floor (probably used to drag toys from one room to another). Connor decided it needed to be explored. I love the series of expressions he makes. It was hard to trim the number down to this many to post.

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Mmm, toes.

Singing and directing.

He spotted something he wanted.

So we gave it to him.


I love this little ham.

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Heidi said...

Baby in a Bucket: A Study

These are so funny and adorable!