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Friday, August 1, 2014

Ten Months

My plan to take 9 month photos of Connor was delayed by all the busy activities of summer. So they became 10 month photos instead. I took them at the worst possible time of day - late morning - which resulted in a somewhat tired (and not-as-smiley) baby, and in photography terms, not the best lighting. But because he's in them, I still love them.

What's new at 10 months? MOVEMENT. Holy schmoly. He has that scoot crawl down to a science. He's pulling up a little more, but is fine and content with the crawl most of the time. He will hold on to our hands and "walk" and get a huge kick out of himself doing so.

I should be thankful I got ANY photos at all that weren't just of the top of his head as he crawled towards me!

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See that nice bruise on his head? I'll edit it out of the final photo, but it is so representative of this age. He crawls, reaches for a toy, loses his balance, then bonk. Poor baby.

My parents were my photo assistants for the day (and the only reason there were smiling pictures - grandparents are funny!).

He's playing with my Dad's baby rattle. Seventy years old! Who needs modern toys?

Ok, mom, I'm done.

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