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Friday, January 3, 2014

Three Months

Is there such a thing as a calm December? Combined with the usual holiday hustle and bustle, I went back to work and Dan FINISHED his seminary degree (yahoooooo!!!!). Evan crossed the halfway mark for Kindergarten too, capped off on the last day of school with a holiday party that I planned for his class. In my pregnancy-induced insanity last summer, I volunteered to be the Room Parent thinking I'd have loads of time on maternity leave. Then the inevitable happened - I consulted with the blessing + curse that is Pinterest, ultimately reminding myself that these are FIVE year olds, not Martha Stewart (or whoever the new non-felony-committing Martha Stewart is on daytime TV).

By Christmas Eve, the party was over, school was out, Dan was done with school, and I was done with my shopping. Then it dawned on me if I was going to take Connor's 3 month photos, I'd better do it soon or it wouldn't get done. So Christmas Eve morning, a few hours before my parents came over to celebrate our family Christmas, I set up my indoor studio for a quick shoot.

At three months old, Connor is laughing, smiling, cooing and gooing (and sometimes shrieking), and kicking like he's gearing up for a round of kickboxing. Untiiiiiil I get my camera out of course. Then, it's this face.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Pursed lips and a smirk. But I love it anyway.

With Dan's help, I got some smiles too.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

He still loves to kick his feet up or out.

Or, you know, just one foot.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I even love his serious face.

Big brother, Evan, was a HUGE help once again and wanted to jump in for a few photos with C. I <3 them.


Andie Zimmerman said...

Cute! Did you lighten the boys' eyes for the photos? Their eyes look a lot different in these pictures for some reason. Hope you all had a nice New Years!

Jen O. said...

That last one of the two of them? No. Evan's eyes do look lighter than normal. I think that's a result of (finally) getting my flash off camera and being able to control the light more. That third one of just C on the striped blanket, I did up the exposure with a LR brush on his right eye because that whole side of his face was more in shadow than the left. But that shot of the two of them *is* a composite. Top half of Evan's head is layered in from the shot right before. He was looking down in one, Connor was in the other.

Alicia said...

Beautiful pictures! :) In the last pic of Evan holding Connor - Connor almost looks too perfect to be real. Love to you and those handsome boys. (Oh and I love the striped blanket!)

Jen O. said...

Alicia - ha! Dan said it looked like an ad for a life-like baby doll. I assume that's a compliment.