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Sunday, July 21, 2013

T-Ball, Round Two

After finishing up Little League season, Evan started round two of t-ball at the Y. I now know why the Little League season starts so early. It's hot, hot, hot playing baseball in July. I never thought I'd wish for an 8 am game. Between the heat and doing double duty as bench control mom while Dan and Brian coach, I haven't taken nearly as many pictures. But here are a few from a mid-morning game a few weeks ago.

Dan is in his element coaching baseball. This picture makes me laugh because he looks like he's being so serious. Way to make the kid cry, Dan! I kid, I kid. I'm pretty sure the player had just done something good and Dan and Brian are really good at the positive feedback.

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Teddy told me I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures. Man, I thought it was just MY kid who got tired of the camera! Tough guy!

I think the kids enjoy this part as much as anything else. Well, that and the post-game snacks.

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