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Friday, April 12, 2013

T-Ball Time!

After last year's rise and fall with gymnastics, I was a little hesitant to jump back into another sport with Evan. Then we started thinking about baseball. If you know Dan, you know he LIVES..AND LOVES...baseball. When Evan asked if Dan would play catch with him in the backyard, I thought Dan might cry. Dan made (yes, made) a tee that afternoon and so far, Evan still loves it. We signed him up for Little League t-ball and he started practicing about a month ago and had his first game last weekend. I've been really surprised at how much he has taken to it. He seems to have come out of his shy shell. He runs out to the field, and loves batting. I have to admit, the uniform is pretty stinking cute.

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I have no idea what this pre-game face is all about.

ALL the kids do this when playing the field. What kid can resist dirt? Surprisingly, it was the girls on his team who completely covered their uniforms with it at the last game.

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