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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Photos Part 2

For my brother and sister-in-law's family photos, Andie suggested an historic location not far from us. All I can say is I'm IN LOVE with this locale. It's nearly winter and most of the leaves are off the trees, but this place was beautiful. Lots of old stone buildings, open fields, rock walls, wooden seats, etc. I might be biased, but I think this family is pretty photogenic to boot too. For the first time ever I filled my card and had to take a few minutes to go through and delete duplicates (my 2 back-up cards failed of course). Here are some of my favorites.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Head swap. Can you tell? [Hint: it's not Aaron/the dad]

And it never fails, my first and last shots are almost always at the top of my list of favorites.


Heidi said...

You have beautiful nephews! And Locust Grove is one of my favorite places.

K. Jarczak said...

Such a gorgeous location and family. It is so reminiscent of Autumn.

The McCombies said...

The last one is my favorite, too. I'll bet they loooved these. Beautiful location, too.

Erica said...

Those just got better and better as I read! You did a great job, and I'm jealous of that location.

Andie Zimmerman said...

Sorry, I'm getting lazy about commenting on blogs these days. :( Thanks for taking these for us! We had a great time! Love this location, too. Looks like you're up next, sister!