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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Season Finale

I'm having post-Halloween withdrawal. Between the decoration, costumes, candy, parties, and pumpkin carving, when it's all said and done, it's a little sad. Then I remember how I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping. ::stress::

Evan started the day by deciding on last year's costume to wear to school. My sour-faced dude is really not a morning person.

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But by the end of the day he had perked up a bit. He was very excited to be going trick-or-treating with his pal, Teddy, and his big sister, Jill. Evan and Teddy together are a whirlwind. But they entertain each other, get VERY loud (ok, the loud is 99% MY child), fight, reconcile, rinse, repeat. I have nothing but the utmost respect (and heartfelt prayers) for the parents of twins.

My photographer friends will appreciate this one. Yes, our children truly ARE more difficult than other people's children when it comes to sitting still for a picture. Teddy even tried to help me out by hanging on to Evan. No suck luck.

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I got one shot, then they took off.

Teddy and Jill's parents get cool points for getting into the spirit of the holiday and dressing up in complementary costumes to their kids. Amy was Glenda to Jill's Dorothy.

Brian was Robin to Teddy's Batman, but he was pretty clear on no public photographs, so I'm going to comply seeing as how he's an attorney! Dan said he wished he'd have worn his old Army uniform to go with our Top Gun. He tried it on recently. He's not an attorney, so ...

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Happy Halloween!

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