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Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Fall, Y'all

I'm kind of ashamed of myself for even using that as the post title. I took a day off last week to spend with Evan after having to leave over the weekend for a work trip. We went up to a local orchard to do some apple and pumpkin picking. I must have heard "it's fall, y'all" over the intercom system at least 30 times. Chinese water torture has nothing on an overdose of quaint americana cliches.

Evan was really excited to pick out a pumpkin. Going on a less hectic weekday actually made it fun for me too. Didn't mean he was more cooperative for photos though.

Got a lot of shots like this.

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Evan narrowed his choices to the ones he could pick up, which was fine by me since I ended up with the task of carrying it.

We took the pumpkin back to the car then rode the wagon out to pick some apples. Evan first tried this last year and I got one of my favorite photos of 2011:

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Photo note: I've found myself going back to my 35 more often than not but I think this is one instance where the mid-range zoom is more handy for compression and composition (what I used last year). I just need to remember that next year.

This year Evan was a kid on a mission to pick apples.

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And less intent on smiling.

Oh yay, there's one sorta-not-fake smile.

And, we're done.

He's been begging to carve the pumpkin. The last time I carved a pumpkin - in college - I carved my hand instead. ::shudder:: Think I'll let Dan help and I'll stay behind the camera instead.

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superpipercalliedocious said...

Snicker, I love the fake smiles.