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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hyper? Who's Hyper?

It didn't feel like the days of sweltering heat and humidity were ever going to end just a few weeks ago, but now that we've had a couple of actually cool days, I guess it's official. Summer is closing up shop. But before we have to pack away the shorts and t-shirts, we're making the most of it.

My childhood friend and her son came over one Saturday morning to hang out. I had these strange hallucinations misconceptions that the boys would play while we'd relax and drink coffee. Pfft. The boys, mine mostly, had other notions. Evan hasn't really had many non-family kids over to the house before, for whatever reason, so I didn't realize he'd get territorial and ... crazy. Ah, the perils of an only child unused to sharing. Poor Simon who is not quite 2 yet is so quiet and reserved compared to Evan.

So what did Evan do? He showed him how to do this:

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Simon's a fast learner.

Sorry, Heidi.

For reasons you might guess, I don't often give my kid more reason to go crazy than what he naturally possesses. There are plenty of studies that have shown there's no link to sugar and candy making kids hyper, but it doesn't mean Evan won't get excited about getting sweets. His love affair with Smarties is well-known and it's still a weekday reward for good school reports. But for some reason I had never let him participate in the classic childhood experience of licking the bowl after making cake or brownies. This is probably more a testament to my baking skills than it is a healthy parenting choice. But a couple of weeks ago I went to the grocery hungry and bought, among other fattening choices, brownie mix. And Evan finally got to check this one off his "to do" list.

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You're only a kid once. Sometimes you have to indulge.


Anonymous said...

Yes: Another way my child is similar to yours..."Bad Influence", haha! ;) And I KNOW the studies say that, but I swear hyper + sugar happens one way or another. Either the anticipation or the sugar high. ;)

Heidi said...

Hey, someone's gonna show him that stuff sometime. It's good that it's Evan. And I do hope we get to do it all again!

Jen O. said...

Ha ha, yeah, it doesn't mean they won't get hyper from the anticipation of sweets. Chocolate is another story since there's some level of caffeine, but it seems to make little difference in Evan - even when he's sick, he's active.