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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

On my last full day in Colorado, Alicia suggested we visit a place about an hour outside of Denver called The Wild Animal Sanctuary. They rescue large carnivores from often very, very bad conditions. Like Elsa and Yuma, African lions starving to death in a Mexican circus. When Mexican authorities discovered them, they also were surprised to find their small, nearly lifeless cub, Gala. All are now thriving at the Sanctuary. There are dozens of other stories as sad as theirs, but these are the lucky ones who were rescued. It breaks my heart to know their stories, but I'm so very thankful places like this exist.

Check out their site, visit, donate, tell others!

We were there mid-day, so most of the cats were doing what cats do at that time of day - sleeping! But it was amazing how quickly they woke up when the caretakers brought out their food!

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Going in for a good ear scratch!

Then a nose lick.

And I know this is a repeat, but did I mention how windy it was there? Look at those flags!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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