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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What He Said

Lately Evan's been saying so many unbelievably hilarious, random, and quirky little things I can't keep up. It all started over a year ago with his Great Uncle Frank teaching him "Allright!" At least we knew where he learned that one (and to be honest, from what I've heard, I'm thankful Frank didn't teach him anything else).

I think Dan and I exchange at least one "where did he learn THAT?" glance daily. I need to catch some of these clever expressions on video, but it's not nearly as cute when it's scripted. Here's a rundown:

Nearly every question / request is now followed by a spot-on Valley girl impression.
J: Let's sing a song, Evan.
E: Mommy, you don't sing, okay?
He's prepping me now for his smarty pants teen years.

J: Daddy's Home!
E: Oh My Goodness!
Apparently Little Orphan Annie and Evan were separated at birth.

My latest favorite is one he debuted last night, dripping with sarcasm at 2.5 years old:

J: Evan, it's time for a bedtime story.
E: Oh, Joy.

But the one that really makes Dan twitch? Evan pulled out an awesome Sarah Palin-inspired, "You betcha'!" this week. I thought Dan was going to have a heart attack.

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