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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card Outtakes

Photographing a toddler for anything, at any time, is daunting enough. But when faced with the task of getting one, JUST one, good shot that 1) has eye contact and 2) is in focus, well, I was sure world peace would be an easier task. Then Evan throws me for a loop and does the unheard of - he wears the outfit, he smiles, he looks at the camera, AND he takes direction. The hardest part was picking which picture to use.

Dear Santa, I can explain...

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I'm just going to do a little quality control work.


Wait, Santa's going to come in where?

I need to investigate, while posing for a Currier & Ives painting

Phew, this modeling stuff is exhausting work

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Andie said...

I can totally relate to the ONE perfect picture thing. My memory card has fits from snapping so many photos at once just to get that perfect smile or pose before Liam takes off. Of course, Liam is much worse at his age because he's SO young. I'm hoping that next year will be much better, for both of us. Ha! However, I think these are cute and what I would've expected from someone Evan's age. He did VERY well. Thanks for the Christmas card!